SEO for Dental Practice Businesses: Why & How to do it

Majority of the practices don’t bother making a website. Sometimes because of lack of resource or sometimes because they think it isn’t worth efforts. If your practice does have a website, have you considered googling it to see if you’re listed or not?

The chances are high that you might not show up in search results.

Back in the day, all you needed was a full-page advertisement in Yellow pages, and you could bring in new patients. These days, the internet is full of information, as well as people looking for information via search engines.

If you’re interested in showing up when people search for your practice name, or in bringing in new patients from the internet, you should invest efforts in SEO.

SEO is a set of practices and tactics used to bring or keep your website in top search results for a particular search query such as “dental implants Brisbane” etc. This lets you appear easily in front of people who’re looking for dentists.

But maintaining your position in online searches isn’t easy. You have to work, and monitor it consistently. There is no one time push that helps you rank and hold that position in search engine. Google or other search engines consistently update their algorithm. Thereby you have to keep working on your SEO strategy.

How to do Dental SEO

Claim search listing via Google my businesses

Dental SEO

Often, when people search for a dentist, they prefer finding one nearby. This is where local search listings act as a great help. You should focus on Google local listing. Google my business, is Google’s product that acts as a platform to help you create a profile to show up in search engine results.

People would be willing to visit your practice if you create a profile and fill it with helpful information. Be sure to include your address details so that people can also give you a visit. Also, include your phone and email details to help your customers reach you instantly.

Create video content around your business

Video marketing seems to be working for most of the companies. People are more interested in watching a video or image rather than reading a long text-based tutorial.  Try to create “how-to” style videos and posting on your youtube channel to boost your SEO strategy. Videos also get less competition as compared to blog posts since they are hard to produce.

Use local keywords in your website optimization

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It is recommended to optimize your website for specific local keywords in a smart way to gain high rankings in search results. Instead of going for very broad keywords like “dentist,” focus on the long tail, or keywords for your neighborhood.  An SEO expert can easily help you determine potentially profitable phrases to work on. You can also work with a PPC ( pay per click ) to pay and show up on those phrases.

Check & Edit all your online profiles

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Yahoo local work is a tool that can help you fix all or any inconsistencies that might exist in your online profiles. It also helps you add your listing to more than 40 directories in a single click. This includes directories like white pages, bing, Superpages, mapquest, yahoo local and much more. They also offer an easily customizable template in which business owners can simply type information and publish.

Power up your social media game

Social media is one of the most reliable tools that can help you succeed in online marketing. It is a vital option that enables to achieve a more intimate relationship with your old, existing or potential customers.

It even helps you build quality links towards your website which in turn boosts your website rankings. Thereby, it is recommended to be active on one or two social media channels.

Treat your customers well

Often customers will not go to a website that is ranking on the top because it has a ton of bad reviews. If you wish to be a good dentist, try to avoid this. You don’t want to scare away your potential clients from your website because of poor support or customer services. If you work on your customer services, it will certainly help you in the long run to boost your business.

Develop a persuasive website

Working with an SEO expert or company might help you get ranked, but if your web design is poor,  you’ll always be dealing with high bounce rates. A good website is a vital element in succeeding in online marketing.

You should be clear what you want your visitors to do, don’t leave that part on your visitors. Your website should be easy to navigate, and straightforward. Make sure your website loads fast and looks good even on mobile devices.

Google loves websites that have a responsive design, i.e., websites that adapt themselves as per the device they’re being opened on. A good design will also reduce the bounce rate and ensure good rankings. High bounce rate leads to rankings going down.

Work with digital marketing agency/consultant

Working with an SEO agency can act both against or in favor of you, depending on how you pick them. If you’re going to work with an SEO company, here is a bunch of things that you should ask the company before outsourcing them.

  1. Do you have the ability to track calls?

Dynamic call tracking is a method of monitoring employee and patient conversion. It works simply, the phone number which is displayed on the website is changed based on where the reader is from.

This can be very useful for all your advertising campaigns. It boosts your ROI and helps you target your advertising and marketing strategies with much sharper focus and efficiently.

  1. How much ROI is expected from SEO efforts?

It’s a very common question that businesses ask any SEO or marketing company. If you’re hiring an agency to handle your SEO, they should be able to answer what sort of returns they can give to your business

If the company isn’t able to answer this question, they might not be professionals. Good marketers and companies know what ROI they can bring ( or an estimate ).

  1. Can you guarantee being ranked?

This question has two aspects. If your SEO agency isn’t able to guarantee any rankings, they might be only looking to burn your resources without bringing any result. On the other hand, if they are way too much confident, they might get rankings with black hat techniques that later on penalize your website.

  1. Any success stories or client case studies they could show

These are the best proof of an agency that knows what they’re doing. If your agency has success stories, they’re proof of them knowing what they do, and their methods working.

At the same point, it doesn’t mean a company without success stories has no clue what they’re doing. Everyone has to start from scratch once.

  1. Do you do Guest Blogging?

Blogging is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Guest blogging ranks top on the list of things that work for SEO in the long run. It helps you boost your authority to search engines. It also raises your reputation, credibility and at last, your backlinks.

  1. What is your link blogging strategy? (Make sure it’s not spammy)

A lot of people think that building as many keywords and links for one blog post as possible is a good thing and will help boost rankings. But, this isn’t simply true. Your SEO agency should be well aware of this. Building too many links for one article will make it look spammy and certainly hurt your rankings.

  1. What do you do for social signals?

Social signals also are a crucial element for search engine ranking. Social media has grown very large and is a great way to share your articles. It isn’t only to built social signals, but also to connect with your audience. A good SEO campaign will undoubtedly include social media in their plan.

  1. How are you better than other SEO companies?

Despite being a trivial question, it is an important thing to ask. A good company will know why it stands out of other companies. If they can’t come up with the answer to this question, the chances are that they’re still in their starting phase and might not be up for your job.

  1. Do you do PPC as well as SEO?

SEO and PPC work best when combined. A good agency will use both of these strategies together to boost ranks and draw traffic. If your agency doesn’t do PPC for your brand, you’re missing out a lot of potential audiences.

Final Words

Understanding & analyzing of SEO is complicated, especially since the algorithms keep changing now and then. Thereby you need an experienced marketer or agency on your team to advise you. I hope this article helped you understand why you should focus, where you can start with it, and how you can progress further with it once you start taking it seriously.

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