Facebook Ads

Facebook consists of the largest group of people(over 1 billion) which have gotten together online on a common platform. That reason only is enough for you to pay attention to advertising on Facebook. Facebook not only has the largest number of audience on the internet that you can reach to at one time in a single place, the audience here is highly active and engaging.                             Those who have been using Facebook for business purposes for some while now, know this for a fact that over time Facebook has been making changes targeting the organic/natural reach to be reduced considerably in the news feed of their fans and consumers.


On an average, just about 0.5% of people who have liked your page will actually see the updates that you post via your business page. As bad as it sounds, the good news is that Facebook advertising is rather cheap as compared to the results. With proper targeting and engaging content, you can reach a rather large number of audience in a very small budget.


Among the top advertisers on Facebook, names that stand out are the leading companies in their respective sector. Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Amazon, these are just a few of the biggies that make use of the Facebook ads in a massive way to reach their desired audience. Samsung alone spends roughly around $100 million in the Facebook advertising budget annually followed by $60 million by Procter & Gamble and then $35 million and $30 million respectively by Microsoft & Amazon respectively with many others such as Verizon, Nestle, AT&T following the suite.


The reason behind so many multinational corporations giving importance to Facebook advertising is numerous benefits associated with it. Facebook generates its maximum revenue from advertising only, due to which it pays special attention to improving advertising features and making it as beneficial as it can for advertisers. One of the main thing about Facebook ads is that they are highly targeted and specific, there are variable and highly precise options available for targeting users on Facebook. You can target users based on location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections.


Not just that, you can tap into much more with the advanced targeting features of facebook. There are many others targeting features and customizations that are available in the ads panel. You can see a user recent purchase history with which you can see their interests and recent behavior and target accordingly. There is also a feature available called life-event targeting, in which you can select a particular life event such as taking admission into a particular university and target all those who have that event a part of their profile. Custom audience and lookalike audience are two other features that can help your audience grow and assist you in building a loyal user base.


Another feature that makes Facebook stand apart when it comes to advertising is Facebook Remarketing. Remarketing is the marketing tactic to target people after they’ve visited one or more of your products such as website, mobile app or have subscribed or something else. Remarketing is undoubtedly the most powerful social marketing feature. Remarketing when done properly can boost user engagement by three times and conversions twice. When combined with Facebook product ads, remarketing gives a huge win for retails businesses.


Some of the business owners and entrepreneurs think that Facebook ads are too complicated owing to the feature-rich panel, if you are one of them, in that case, these Facebook ad tools can help you go a long way. Another most useful facebook ad tool for businesses is the call to action button. With the call to action button, a visitor can directly go to landing page to take action or directly call the business for inquiry. Either way, a lead is captured in the quickest way possible.

Facebook ads when properly utilized can bring a huge amount of traffic to whichever source you are directing them to.

But, more than that, a business needs potential leads, sales and more. You can achieve each of it by building a remarketing audience which can be done by attaching a cookie with every visitor that comes onto your site or mobile app. With the help of behavioural and demographic filters available on Facebook, you can narrow down your target audience to a very small group of people who are interested in stuff via their recent behaviors and interests, those who have recently been through your site can be targeted again for remarketing purposes, and those who can buy your stuff or are willing to(demographic targeting).


All the above-mentioned features and tactics can be utilized for achieving a greater ROI than almost any other method of marketing, In the first quarter of last year, retail businesses reported an approx 75% increase in ROI from advertising. The advertising budget can begin with as little as 1$ a day and then further tactics can be used to gain leads and remarketing can retain them over time. Furthermore, being a highly active social platform, Facebook also can give you an alternative to word of mouth publicity which is the best advertising ever, not just data-driven targeting, when user engages in your ads or posts via liking, commenting or sharing, they are increasing the social reach of the post and getting it in other people’s feeds as well. Here, you can measure and track the results throughout the campaign and then optimize in between for better results. With the social network growing faster than ever, and almost every business in line for advertising on Facebook, you will be doing your competitors a huge favor if you aren’t making use of this platform as well.